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Living and working in the North of Canada for 20 years makes CAH Consulting Ltd. uniquely positioned to understand both the logistical challenges and costs of doing business in remote locations.


CAH Consulting Ltd. has been involved in a number of projects setting up weather stations; cameras and/or internet access in isolated locations. (Norway’s Hardangervidda Plateau, Bank’s Island, various distant locations in the NWT and Nunavut).



LiveWeather is an online web application for storing and visualizing weather data. It uses the possibilities that come with modern browser support for HTML5 to make it possible to display data using different displays on different customer platforms, from desktops to mobiles. A legacy version using Adobe's Flash technology can be used by users who are running an older version of Internet Explorer. Alongside current weather reports, the application provides a flexible charting display for viewing data going back in time, on any time scale.

The map below shows the locations of the weather stations currently being operated through LiveWeather. If you'd like to try LiveWeather out simply click on one of the locations and follow the link to the station's main view.

You can view a map with the available stations on the « LiveWeather site ».


Synergy is a web application that allows you manage a list of tasks, add wiki articles, share files, and store photos in a collaborative environment. It requires a web server with support for PHP and a MySQL database, which most hosting services nowadays provide at a low monthly cost.


rk HeliSki use AppSuite to manage ski package reservations, their retail sales, and other business functions all from the confines of a web browser. Using modern application frameworks we created a modularized system which can be expanded should new requirements emerge, with a reliable data store that keeps data safe and integral.

GGL Resources Corp. Map

Using this illustrated and interactive map, a visitor to GGL's web site can view and navigate the different areas that fall under GGL's claims. Objects on the map can be hovered over to show more information about them or the activity at that location.


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